Traditional Carpetball Rules

Game requires a standard billiard ball set. The set is divided by solid and stripes. Each player will get 7 balls. Note there will be 1 extra solid to be set aside. Each player arranges their balls within arms reach of their end. Approximately 3 feet. The balls can be touching or spaced out depending on the strategy selected. Flip a coin to determine who goes first. If playing a best of # series, the loser of the previous game goes first. The cue (white) ball is then rolled in an attempt to knock the other player's balls into the gutter. Each player takes turns rolling until one player has knocked all of the other player’s balls into the gutter/tray. The other player has one more roll to try to knock the remaining balls on the table into the gutter. This is known as the mercy roll. If the player is successful, then place one ball on each side. Repeat steps 4 and 5. If the mercy roll is successful, place 2 balls on each side and repeat. Keep adding one additional ball until the mercy roll is unsuccessful and a winner is determined. Additional Rules If a ball is knocked into the tray and it bounces back into play; it remains in play. If a player bumps a ball with their hand or arm, place the ball back to where it was at.